Gold Shield Services Home Warranty

Both Sellers and Buyers can benefit by purchasing a Home Warranty from Gold Shield Home Warranty. On this page, we have provided a number of reasons why sellers and buyers alike should consider purchasing a home warranty.

Why a Seller Should Purchase a Home Warranty

A Home Warranty Increases your Home’s Marketability

A Home Warranty can help separate a home from the competition. According to a Gallup Poll, 8 out of 10 home buyers prefer a home with a warranty. The National Home Warranty Association has reported that on average, warranted homes sell 50% faster than unwarranted homes.

A Home Warranty May Increase the Sale Price

According to Business Week Magazine, warranted homes are perceived as a safer investment and on average offer a selling price of up to 3% more than an unwarranted home.

Home Warranties Limit the Seller’s Liability

If a buyer experiences unforeseen problems with the home, such as a leaky roof or a furnace that will not run, the problems are likely to be covered by the warranty limiting the potential for litigation or arbitration.

Free Seller Coverage

Home owners with their home listed for sale can receive free Gold Shield coverage on specific items during the listing period (limitations apply). In the event of an appliance or other mechanical failure the item can be serviced promptly preventing the loss of valuable marketing time.

You Pay Only if the Home Sells

Receive the Seller Coverage entirely free and purchase the buyer coverage only if the home sells. The fee will be deducted directly from the proceeds without any inconvenience or upfront costs.

Why a Buyer Should Purchase a Home Warranty

Peace of Mind

Moving into a new home, buyers invest a lot of their resources on closing costs, moving companies, painting, remodeling, furniture, landscaping and the list goes on and on. Buying a Home Warranty positions a home buyer to be able to limit unforeseen expenses. A Gold Shield Home Warranty protects buyers from the unexpected failures of most the homes systems (see buyer coverage).

Sellers Will Often Pay for the Warranty

It is very common for sellers to provide a warranty to the buyer purchasing their home. If a seller is NOT offering a warranty with their home ask your Realtor to negotiate for the seller to provide a Gold Shield Home Warranty. If the seller is offering a warranty ask your Realtor to make sure that it is the Warranty of your choice as the seller may select a warranty based on the price or the seller coverage and not on the benefits the buyer receives.

24 Hour Claim Reporting

Submit your claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or Internet. We will then make arrangements for a local contractor to repair or replace the covered item as quickly as possible.